My Artistic Commission: Blog writing for pleasure, theorizing, creativity, and self expression.

When I write these blogs, I am not ever stating with any confidence that what I write should be considered true or a proven fact. I know that creativity isn’t based on “what is” but on “what could be”. 

In fact, when I was doing readings or a workshop, I would state that it wasn’t really a speech to tell anyone the way I think or what I say should be considered fact or right but rather that I am throwing out things to inspire questions, more thoughts of possibilities, and to see life from a different perspective.

I find it counter productive to challenge the things I write here or say somewhere at a presentation because that stops the snowball of creative spontaneity from rolling down the mountain. Writing gives me the opportunity to explore ideas by writing them down to later come back and review them to establish whether it is just mental garbage or inspired ideas.

There is a mental skill in writing poetry that rhymes for things like songwriting. That skill can only be developed by writing a lot of them. In my teen years I would try to write songs and sometimes I got some decent lyrics out of it. I have a cousin who is a genius at it and is quite prolific but has never been able to discipline his activity towards any solid creative attempt. But, the fact is, some people are naturally good at it, while everyone should work at it if they want to get good at it.

It isn’t how many good poems you write, but whether writing becomes easier for you. That is always changing like the stock market.

Sometimes I find that spelling is an issue with me due to my years of speaking and writing in German. What should be easily spelled words begin to look wrong and sometimes the exact definition of what you want to say is a little vague. This prompts me to research the word on the internet which is a divine tool in releasing the divergent thinking and learn more about what those words mean.

Writing has a bit of romance to it. Life could possibly be explained by the early morning symphony of bird song. I wonder what they are singing about. It is possibly just a heralding of the fact that “I exist or I am alive!” Is it a mating call? Is it a homing device? Who knows?

Writing love letters is something I have rarely done. When I think of it what is one trying to do? Express their love for someone? Is it to touch their heart in an intimate and honest way.  Is it a way to communicate confusing feelings in an organized way so as to make sense of it all?

The written word is permanent. The spoken words “go flying off into the air.” I think this is why “Dear John” or “Dear Jane” letters are valuable ways to express breaking up. It shows the other person the respect of clearly expressing their position. It now makes me wonder if anyone even considers what they are saying today.

Do we ever even explore our own dreams for our lives? I think writing is a great way to do that. Write out the idea of the perfect day. Write out the idea of a perfect career. Write out what you want to achieve in life. Write down what you want your artistic commission to look like. Write down what kind of family you want to build and share that with the person you are looking to live out life with. Write out what your career should become.

When I consider these things it brings me back to myself and where I am in life right now. Almost 60 years old and looking forward into a foggy future. I don’t really know what I am doing, much less how I am going to do it.

I think I will write down some scenarios and see which ones are plausible and move me with inspiration.

You see, that is where this blog post has led me. This is what the free flow of thought has gotten me. It is like a coffee filter which distills the coffee down to its purest form.

So away I go! You should too!