Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!

At the Beginning of the Day: Making hay before the sun shines.

When I visited my uncle’s and aunt’s farm with my family as a kid, we would be awakened early in the morning from the sound of Roosters from the chicken coup area near the house. Our window faced west so we didn’t get the rising of the sun directly, but could look over the fields of corn and beans and see the glow of the morning bloom over the landscape.

The tractors and trucks began doing their work and the activity of the farm sprung to action. Before breakfast my uncle would have the cattle fed, the pigs slopped, the chickens fed and the eggs collected. My aunts would be preparing breakfast for us and the smell of bacon and biscuits wafted up the stairs to awaken our senses.

We would have breakfast and my uncle would talk about what there was to do on that day, whether it be to plow a certain field, repair a broken down tractor or take some pigs and cattle to market.

But in essence, the daily chores were done before breakfast. The things that kept the farm functioning were done before most people were even awake.

If my uncle didn’t get that work done before breakfast he would be behind all day and that would carry over into the work of the day, making it necessary to wait until tomorrow to do what he wanted to get done today and the days fall like dominoes, getting you farther and farther behind.

The evening would come and the sun would set in the west. We would gather after supper on the screened in porch, swinging on the porch, talking in low tones about trivial topics but the work was done, the delicious dinner was eaten and the dishes were washed. There wasn’t anything hanging over anyone’s head. My uncle was ahead of the game and he could enjoy the evening and the satisfaction of having his own business, doing work he loved and building a legacy for the family he loved.

Today, his work put my parents ahead of the game by the way he planned his estate. He prepared to build a legacy. My uncle and my aunts had no children. Their sisters family’s were the only family they had. My grandmother was already deceased, so they became our surrogate grandparents and they passed part of that legacy to us.

So, when I wake up and see the rising sun, and watch the glow of morning rise up over the landscape outside of my window, I think of my uncle and aunts and want to do the same thing, get my work done before breakfast, to get ahead of the game so that I can watch the setting sun knowing that I have nothing hanging over my head and that everything is in order.

There is a bright golden haze on the meadow, the corn is as high as an elephants eye, and it looks like it’s climbing clear up to the sky! Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything is going my way! Listen here!

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