Blog About Your Stage Career!

If blogging was available to me when I started my career I would have done it. Now so should you! Here is why.

Blogging about your stage career is one of the best ways to self promote. When I started my career the internet wasn’t available. Blogging was unheard of. There were no cell phones or personal computers that really had any power. Today, you can use all of the amazing tools available today to enhance your career.

This is the most legitimate way to ”Blow your own horn!”

Back in the 90s I was cutting edge among my peers and the small difference of using technology to advance my career really helped me out. I was one of the first to get a computer, which greatly facilitated my ability to keep my resume up to date, write professional looking letters and organize my data.

I was the first to get a cell phone, called a Handy in Germany. People scoffed at me because it was so expensive and they didn’t need one. But, because of that cell phone I made thousands of Marks, (remember those German Marks?) due to the fact that agents and opera houses could get in touch with me and I could respond quicker than anyone else who didn’t have one.

Today we have the smart phone, the tablet, the laptop and yes even still the huge clunky desktops exist. We have online software and downloadable software that staggers the imagination with their functionality and yet we use so little of it.

But, for an opera singer, performer or any stage person, a blog could be the most powerful tool of all. The reason is simple. You can journal your career in such a way that it gets your name out into the internet for all to see and couples your career with social media and the online and print media outlets as well.

Lets say you have a premiere of Cosi fan tutte and you are singing Ferrando. Depending on the production and the house you could get as many as 20 articles that are published about the production on the internet and link them to your blog.

Here is a short list of the things that you can link your blog to as an opera singer today.

  1. Social Media: Facebook, You Tube, Sound Cloud, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and the list goes on and on…there are literally hundreds, you don’t need that many, but it would be good if you were on them! Today, you can link to all of them at once with the click of a mouse.
  2. Newspapers: You can place hyperlinks to online articles from Newspapers and other Print media outlets who write about you and your production.
  3. Radio and Television: Often there are now reports recorded online about your production.
  4. Online publishers: Today, there are a lot of online review sites which talk about your production as well. You can hyperlink to those.
  5. Theater’s Websites: You can link your blog post to theater’s websites, showing where the piece is also being produced, include of course the theater you are doing the piece in!
  6. Opera Websites:,…and so on. With operabase you can link to the opera houses who are performing the piece, to you as a singer and to other singers, conductors and directors giving your blog huge Search Engine attractiveness.
  7. Your own website: This connection is very important. The most important tool in your technological arsenal is your website, because that is all about you.
    1. You want to take eyeballs to your ”static” website so people can get the whole picture of you as you want to present it.
    2. This is where you give video and audio examples of your work all in one place. It is a place where people can download your resume, vita and read your collection of reviews, linked of course to those sources.
    3. Most importantly, you want to post and keyword pictures on your website and link them as well to as much as you can. When is searched for Ferrando or with your name, it is covered with your pictures!

The reason you blog now becomes obvious doesn’t it?  

By blogging about yourself and using hyperlinks to information related to your blog event, the premiere, you create an awesome synergy of search engine optimization ranking you as high as possible as the singer to go to when a theater needs a Ferrando or anyone wants to find a singer who can do what you do.

Plus, you have a great record of your career, that scopes not only your premieres and big events, but everything you do, who you are working with and projects you are involved in.  
Over and above all of that, you can place ads, connect to affiliate sites and monetize your blog this way. Making it possible to earn more income and increase your exposure.
There are a lot of singers and performers doing this and you don’t want to be left behind.
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