Finding a Sacred Commission

In the book Boredom to Brilliance I write about the sacred commission everyone gets in life to pursue what has been placed in their hearts and minds to do and to apply the artistic method described in the book to perfect it.

Ironically the sacred commission I got has been taken away from me. I can no longer sing at all. It is a really hard thing to come to grips with. But, I am a still a musician except I don't have a high level skill in an instrument like I had with my voice so making music today for me is not possible. I can't even sing in a choir.

What is a musician without an instrument? A conductor, a teacher, or a musicologist. The only one of these things that appeals to me is to be a conductor, and I can do that, but I have no experience and haven't been through all of the trials that a conductor must go through to be able to allow an orchestra to pick me to lead them.

I really am at a point in my life where I need to figure out what my art is going to be and I reckon the only things left for me to do that is actually in the realm of possibility is to write.

I don't think I can write novels. Storytelling is not my forte, and I doubt I would be able to weave fascinating plots like the great authors can. I believe one of the most amazing authors of our time is J K Rowling. Her "Harry Potter" series of books are fresh, unique, and is a world full of imagination and excellent writing that everyone from kids to adults want to read.

My writing is more philosophical but I don't want it to be boring, which philosophy tends to be. I also don't profess to have much new information to impart on people either. My writing is basically a stream of consciousness in order to articulate a point of view.

Writers also have the luxury of hiding behind the pen. They can be mysterious and veiled because it isn't them that is at the forefront, but what they write. My writing is simply observations on what I see in life. I'm not a poet, I'm not a songwriter. I don't know anything about writing for plays, screen, or anything for that matter. I just write and try and use an interesting style to convey my thoughts.

Ultimately, writing is a thesis and not a proven fact. It is an exploration of thoughts. It asks questions and offers answers but at the end of the day I am not sure I have any answers.

The other part of writing for me is to lift myself up with lofty thoughts of inspiration so that my own mental attitude stays at a high level. I am surrounded at the moment by great negativity and I am close to just giving up on life in general because I am not getting traction in any area of my life. So, writing is the one thing I can do that produces a result and hopefully I can find a form that is valuable enough to earn a living doing it.

I do believe that writing, and the broadcasting of that writing can be a huge benefit to the world. People everywhere are looking to find something that will lift them up, give them hope, and make them feel and experience life in a special way.

Crafting a message of reality, truth, embedded in a forward looking, inspiring message that can give people a way to make it through the day with a sense of purpose I believe is the point behind what I write.

The principles in the book Boredom to Brilliance are being done all over the world today. The explosion of the internet, the ability to broadcast yourself through social media, and the incredible tools of technology have made it possible for millions of people to create their own art and make a business out of it through the building of a website that monetizes their art.

It is a wonderful thing indeed and I am happy to see it unfolding.

For me, writing is going to be about blogging, taking some of that material and converting it into a book or books and splashing the products on the internet not based on my person, but on my ideas.

This is why Boredom to Brilliance is still a great title and brand to have and it is something I can continue to build on by myself. Thus the reawakening of the project.

I will be producing a second edition E-Book of "Boredom to Brilliance" and for the first people to purchase the ebook, I will be sending them the 1st Edition of the original. There are a limited number of copies left of it.

Lastly, you can't do art for the purpose of making money. Money is a byproduct of making art. Sure, everyone wants that to happen, but if money is your inspiration, then not making it will cause you to flounder. The essence of art is embedded in the ideals of a higher calling.

So, while I hope to make money from my writing, I am not writing to make money. I am writing to feed my soul and my love or life.

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