God the Father – Earth the Mother – We the Children

We are the children of a marriage between the real world of the Mother Earth and the God the Father

I have tried to make sense of the entire spiritual element in our lives and believe that I have found an answer to the questions we often have about God, the world and a way to make sense of it all.

I won’t say that this is necessarily true, but I will say that it is a way to find an answer to our questions. The issue is one of duality and that the presumed ”sex” of each could be interchangeable. It is a matter of the duality that exists in nature. Each action has an equal and opposite reaction. What is would not exist unless the what isn’t existed.  There is yes and no, true and false, positive and negative. Heaven must exist, because earth exists, and earth can only exist where there is space for it, and that is provided by the heavens, or space. This holds true not only for the physical earth and space duality, but also for the figurative worldly and ”other worldly.” The worldly can only exist where an ”other world” can make it possible, therefore it does in fact exist.

Indeed, the fact that an atheist says he doesn’t believe there is a ”God”, is evidence that a ”God” exists, because otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for them not to believe in. God is essence that which you can’t explain or understand, but that doesn’t mean it is not there, it means it is there and we can’t explain it, in worldly terms.

The point of my article is simple. Mother Earth is what we can understand. It is our flesh and blood, our money and our thoughts. All of the things that make us human are manifested, made real, because we were born in a physical reality. The body of creation is birthed through Mother Earth. But the part of us that can’t be explained is spiritual and is the genetic strain from God.


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