Here Comes the Sun

Sometimes you have to simply believe that behind every cloudy sky the sun is shining!

During my days at the Eastman School of Music it often seemed like the sun would never shine again. Located near the southern coast of Lake Ontario, Rochester, New York is a ”lake effect” snow area, which means basically that it can snow for a month at a time if the conditions are right.

Well, during my first year at Eastman I think it did actually for a solid month. Not huge blizzard types that you sometimes get, but the lake effect stuff that just sort of ”drizzles” all of the time, the upside being that it is incredibly beautiful.

But, when you have already been through 6 years of undergraduate school, 4 different majors and are in the middle of a rather intense period of study where the standards have just been raised about 100%, you begin to wonder if you are ever going to get out of school and actually be able to do what you are trying to do for a living.

After all, just because you have all of the degrees and training it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a career as a singer. It is a time when really the only thing that is keeping you going is your youthful optimism and the fact that you are in a great place doing what you love, even though it isn’t really the profession, yet.

The trek from the old Eastman dorms to the school was not too far really, a nice walk for the most part, but at night or when it was cold, snowing or raining and dark, it was sort of dicey. You wonder if what you are doing makes any sense.

But, somehow the sun does come out, there is a day when the storm ends and it takes a lot of faith to know that the day is coming. This is when a song like ”Here Comes the Sun” picks me up.

Poetry combined with music is an awesome combination and can transport your spirits like nothing else. I am so grateful for them.

It isn’t a complicated song at all, really none of the Beatles songs are, but they are great songs because they have the element of simple truths, both poetically and musically.

Let me know if you have any simple songs that pick you up!


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